Ann Marie "Ree" Devi has taught a variety of classes in yoga and enjoys sharing yoga with others of varying abilities. The following are adult style yoga classes that she can offer privately or in a group setting.

Hatha Yoga is a style of sequencing of postures for overall mental, emotional, and physical well-being. It is the most commonly practiced yoga in the United States. Hatha yoga uses asanas (postures), breath work (pranayama), and meditation (dyana) to achieve a sound body, mind and spirit. ‘Ha’ meaning sun and ‘tha’ meaning moon, creating a balance, opposing forces finding the peace in that balance. Hatha yoga will have movement and stillness, activity and rest, inhale and exhale, stretching and folding.

There are styles of teaching under the Hatha yoga umbrella and my services are developed based on the eight limbs of yoga. I offer additional focused practices that I have developed to deepen and individualize a practice.

Beginner ~ A sun and moon practice ending in savasana meditation. This style is based on learning poses and alignment in postures with demonstration of the poses. A practice that is good for a beginner or someone that wants to learn proper alignment in poses. 

Vinyasa ~ A sun and moon practice ending in savasana meditation. This practice flows through using breath and movement and paced for your individual needs. This practice is individualized to your needs and can focus on target areas of the body through practice such as core, hips, back.

Restorative ~ A moon practice with most postures done on the mat. This practice is for restoring the body and mind through gentle poses relaxing the muscles. It can be tailored for particular problem areas and is good for people with chronic pain, autoimmune disorders and anyone needing to reduce stress in their lives. 

Yin ~ This moon-based slow pace style holds poses for periods of three to five minutes. Slower practice does not mean an easy practice. This yoga styles assists with going deeper to your tissues, joints, and fasciae to heal the body through a set of poses designed for this healing.

Meditation ~ Learning to sit and quiet the mind is a practice of yoga. There are many ways to meditate and sessions can be tailored or varied according to needs. Learn how to calm the busy mind through meditation and find yourself diving deeper inward.

Chakra Balance ~ This yoga offering focuses on the balancing of our chakras, our seven subtle energy centers. One, several, or all of the chakras could be focused on depending on your personal imbalance.  The practice will aim to balance energy for emotional and mental grounding.

Positive Light ~ This offering is a deeper, mindful experience. A journal is needed. This yoga practice is themed to bring positive energy into your life through yoga, meditation, reflection and journaling. I AM statements and affirmations will be practiced as a means to find a positive life in ones current circumstance.

Yoga for Addictions ~ This yoga offering is for anyone suffering any type of addiction, an addictive personality or lacking control in their life due to a compulsive behavior. This practice will focus on teachings that can assist with addictions, focusing on how to live, breath and find contentment in the moment rather than trying to seek the escape.