Intro to Yoga for Tweens & Teens

Intro yoga classes for ALL tweens or teens, an all-inclusive class for all abilities. A beginner level class that offers modifications and teaching students to honor themselves, their bodies and who they are. There is a somatic focus on the class, going inward and understanding the connection of mind, body, breath rather than a focus on external and outcomes.

How is Tween & Teen yoga different than the yoga classes adults are attending?

The classes are geared for a developmental period between being a child and being an adult. It is a time of extreme change and growth. Students are taking a class with their peers and learning about yoga at a time when their peers and social life are important to them. It’s a time to learn about how to take yoga off the mat and into their everyday lives as they they experience changing bodies, peer pressure, the demands of school, preparing for college, and any and all the stressors of growing up that a teen may face.

How is Tween & Teen yoga different than Reflex Yoga?

This intro to yoga is for the neurotypical teen who wants to try yoga and for students taking Reflex Yoga that want to take an additional weekly class. 'Neurotypical' describes youth that do not have neurological or developmental differences, they are not neurodiverse.

Please see Reflex Yoga to see if your child would highly benefit from this program. Reflex Yoga has additional exercises, hand mudras, and meditations that go beyond the typical yoga class. Students in this program are asked to practice at home between sessions.