Occasionally additional classes and workshops will be offered.

Learn a Little Yoga (8-12 year olds)
This all abilities inclusive workshop is designed for a parent and child to attend together. The workshop teaches a 10-15 minute yoga sequence for family practice at home. Different workshops will focus on different aspects of yoga.

Mindfulness & Meditation for Teens (13+)
This all abilities inclusive workshop is for teens to experience a deeper practice of mindfulness techniques and meditation. Handouts for home practice provided.

Meditation for Parents/Caregivers of Sensory Sensitive Children
With a sensory sensitive child the importance of being able to stay calm, de-escalate a situation, and maintain one's own emotional and mental well-being can sometimes be challenging. This workshop is for parents and caregivers of sensory sensitive children to learn coping techniques that will bring some calm to escalating situations. Parents and Caregivers can benefit by practicing self-care so they can care for others.