We typically think of ourselves having only five senses but there are two additional internal senses; vestibular and proprioception.

Vestibular is our body and its relationship to gravity, our balance and includes movement. Proprioception is our body and its relationship to space and other body parts in movement. Through Reflex Yoga we work on both of these internal senses through somatic movements and chosen exercise and yoga poses.

If your child has sensory sensitivies it could be only in one sense, several senses or in all sensory areas. If you are unsure, an occupational therapist can complete a professional evaluation of your child for sensory sensitivities to see if there are areas of difficulty. Speech and language therapists are also equipped to evaluate your child in some areas of difficulty. If a child has suspected Misophonia, finding an audiologist that specializes in this disorder or another specialist is important for treatment as many professionals are unaware of how to treat Misophonia. See more info about Misophonia.