Neurodiversity is a term for a brain that is wired differently. Neurodiversity is an inclusive term that says there are many people that see and experience the world in a different way in terms of social interactions, how they learn, and their emotions.

At Sensory.Yoga there is a focus on inclusivity in yoga by creating offerings that are not only accessible but also beneficial to those with neurodiversity. Developed by Ann Marie Devi (Miss Ree), Reflex Yoga combines traditional yoga poses (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama) with primitive reflex exercises, somatic movement, vagus nerve activation and energy clearing. The program focuses on key poses and exercises for the student to learn and practice over each week. The cumulative key poses and exercises are then the core and base of the yoga classes as students progress through the program. The classes also include mudras (hand forms), mantra chants, and meditation.

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