NOTE: In-person classes are on hold. Some classes will be offerend summer 2021.
Instead, try some online Videos:
Misophonia Yoga
Fortnite Yoga
Yoga with a View

I am currently focusing on additional yoga trainings and occasionally will offer some online classes for kids.

My current Yoga project is creating some classes and tools for children with Misophonia.

Adult Yoga for Co-regulation

A yoga class for parents, caregivers or partners of someone with sensory sensitivities and/or neurological or development disorders. Learn yoga techniques to find your own calm and self care.

Intro to Yoga (Tweens or Teens)

A yoga class for all abilities. This class is a slow flow class with focus on yoga alignment and breathwork. Mudras and mediation may also be practiced. Modifications are provided for all levels of practice.



Private Session

These sessions provide a deeper and more focused practice.
Some children may benefit from the one-on-one attention or some may not be ready for a class setting. Private sessions can also be done in home.

Semi-Private Session

A semi-private session is the same as a private but with 2 or 3 people. Friends may get together or family members wanting to do the yoga practice together.

2 to 3 people