Pans/Pandas is a type of Autoimmune Encephalitis with main symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, tics or restrictive eating. Pandas is a subset of Pans.

My passion for spreading more awarness about Pans/Pandas is due to my son having this disorder. We spent years feeling like we were going in circles trying to figure things out and find him help without any clear answers.

We believe it is possible his first triggering event could have been at 11 months old. His next significant flare occured in 2nd grade and then one in 6th grade. He then had consistent symptoms and another possible flare in 8th grade. We didn't know he had Pans/Pandas until we heard about it atĀ age 14, the answer finally came to us through networking with other parents. Something finally made sense and that was Pans/Pandas. I wish to spread awareness about Pans/Pandas to save other parents from years of trying to find an answer and years of their child suffering and losing part of their childhood.

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