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Ann Marie Devi is a yoga teacher, holistic wellness advocate, and mother of a special needs child wishing to spread awareness and love and light.

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Fortnite Yoga

Yoga and Mindfulness adventures using emotes and items we find on the Fortnite map along the way.

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Yoga is a beautiful journey inward to your truest and most vibrational self so that your divine nature can be revealed.

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Misophonia Yoga

Videos designed and recorded specifically for people with Misophonia.

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Reflex Yoga

Reflex Yoga combines traditional yoga poses, breathing techniques with primitive reflex exercises, somatic movement, vagus nerve activation and energy clearing.

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Yoga with a View

Yoga videos for everyone set with gorgeous scenery as a backdrop. Join indoors or outdoors and enjoy the view.

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Manifesting Dreams

Yoga is a Practice
More than a pose, or a way to breathe
It is a way of life
A journey that we begin on the mat
And find ourselves carrying it off the mat
The deeper we dive inward with our yoga, our practice
The more authentic we become
The more we chase our dreams
The more we realize our deeper desires
And then take them to the next level
Sending the vibration out to the Universe
And manifest all that holds true in our hearts
~Ann Marie Devi